Loooooong break

Dear hungry ones,
as you might already have noticed, Fisk & Gröönsaken Supper Club is put on hold at the moment. We’re victims of gentrification as so many Berliners are, bringing us unwanted and unnecessary modernization and rising rents. Our home has been a construction site for many months now – unbearable for us as well as for our guests. We’re currently looking for a new place and might even be forced to relocate. So: Sorry, no dinners in the near future :-(
We will let you know when we’re able to cook again.

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Culinary excursion: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg

Everybody needs to be pampered sometimes, so we went north to the Alte Schule at Fürstenhagen in the Feldberger Seenlandschaft, a truly beautiful area. Daniel Schmidthaler is the chef there and he’s decorated with a Michelin star – and rightly so, we thought. Our stay at the hotel also included a decadent picnic basket. Can you imagine anything that beats a picnic with great food and wine at the lake with an occasional swim  naked? We can’t.
Mr. Schmidthaler created a fantastic menu with a strong focus on regionality and seasonality. Everything was very casual and service was provided by lovely Mrs. Schmidthaler. This is an urgent recommendation to go there! You won’t regret it.

We also went to the “stork village” of Linum in Brandenburg. Didn’t see so many storks though – perhaps the fellows had something better to do than to sit in their nests and wait for stupid humans to gaze at them. But we had a great lunch at the Kleines Haus. Having heard so many good things about that little restaurant, we had to give it a try. Everything was homemade and yummy, simple, but very well executed (nice wine as well). Charming service by the chef, who has a very reasonable motto: “Mir doch egal, ich koch das jetzt so!” Brilliant!

Finally, delicious goat cheese from the Karolinenhof. The cheese maker herself explained the specialities to us and – what more can we say: The ones we tried were a treat! We came home happy and well-fed. Sigh…how many months until next summer?

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Try this: New Supper Club “Voi”

Shht, do you want to know a secret? Next Saturday, Sept 21st a new Supper Club is opening its doors for the first time: “Voi” is located in upcoming Wedding and hosted by Hanna and Frank, an extremely friendly Finnish-German couple with a passion for food and wine. We had the opportunity to be guests at their “dry run” some weeks ago and were delighted! The dishes ranged from “Voileippäkakku” (fishy cake pops) to a perfect gazpacho served with spicy melon salad, Finland-style matjes to tasty risotto, all accompanied by carefully selected wines from the south of France – yummy!

We had such a lovely evening, Hanna and Frank are adorable hosts and here’s the best part: There are still seats available for next Saturday! So book your seat now – before “Voi” isn’t a secret anymore…

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Preserved black walnuts

Luckily, there are grandmothers – especially grandmothers who own a walnut tree and don’t want all the squirrels to have a feast in autumn. Around the end of June the kitchen help went to visit her grandma and took some green walnuts (well, at least 5 kg) home to Berlin to make black walnuts, a speciality from Palatinate. Pick the green walnuts (and do so before they develop a nutshell), prick them, rinse twice a day for 2 or 3 weeks, boil them with a little salt, make a syrup with spices, boil it, cover the nuts with it for 3 days, and FINALLY can the nuts in jars. A lot of work, of course, but worth it. But wait until Christmas to eat the black walnuts – they still need some rest. They’ll be a fine addition to cheese then.

We also started some Vin de Noix (nut wine), and nut schnaps, but it needs time to do a thing well. No nibbling until winter, too!

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Culinary excursion: Madeira

We went on a hiking tour again this summer, this time on beautiful Madeira. The hike was grand, every valley surprised us with a different vegetation, beautiful mountain views, old laurel trees  – gorgeous!

When it comes to food, we came home a little it disappointed, at least when we remember home-style meals. Although everything grows and blooms on the island, some restaurateurs aren’t very creative when it comes to preparing vegetables. It’s potatoes. Carrots. Beans. Boiled in salt water. That’s it. No spices, no herbs. Hotel restaurants for hikers cannot be expected to offer culinary wonders, we know, but one evening we had this:

Fish was fine, though, we really enjoyed the black scabbard fish which can be found in every restaurant all over the island. The city of Funchal is different. Try visit the market and especially its fish section, where sissy tourists cover their noses and eyes.

We finally had a quite nice dinner at Riso. Everything they prepare has to have at least one ingredient made of rice, but that didn’t turn out to be boring at all. A glass of Vinho Verde made a perfect evening.

Of course, Madeira is famous for Madeira wine. We really tried it, wanted to like it, but…not our cup of tea. Even the super-duper-touristy tour at Blandy’s Wine Company or the desperate attempt to drink Sercial, which is supposed to be the dryest Madeira, couldn’t convince us. Yes, we’re ignorants, we know…

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Aug 3rd: Summer, sun and soufflé

It was hot in the city that night. Thank you, dear hungry ones, for visiting our supper club and being extremely brave eaters despite the heat. We hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did. And thank you, dear fridge, for supporting us all…


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May 18th and 19th: Thanks for joining us!

What an awesome Pentecost weekend we had – two days with terrific guests gathered around our table! We would like to say thank you for coming, for the lovely chats and the fun we had. We really enjoyed cooking for you and hope to see you all again some day.

Here are some pictures:

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